Monday, March 26, 2012

Recycled Tshirt Tutorial

Recycled Tshirt Tutorial via Hope Studios

I recently came across this tutorial on the Hope Studios blog. Basically you get 2 tees, cut a pattern into the top one, brush some bleach onto the cut edges then sew the two tees together. Simple. Now this tutorial was written with females in mind to recycle old shirts. Being a manly man it really does not work for me. I wear my tees until they fall apart, then I use them as rags. There is also the problem that all my tees have prints on them. It did get me thinking though. You can buy plain tees really cheap if you look around. Now instead of doing the pretty patterns that they do I am imagining typography. Nothing fancy, just one or two words. I am thinking the word ROCK. Easy enough to do. Choose what you want it to say then print it out from your computer in a big bold font. That then becomes your template. For the rest just follow the tutorial. You will have a one of a kind designer tee in no time.

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